The Steampunk trend started in the 1980s but is most commonly seen in science fiction themed films, its becoming more common as a subculture and some people adapt there way of life and consider there self ‘Neo- victoriansm’ they modify there clothes, home furniture, personal style and music/film taste. There Outfits have no guidelines, but mostly resemble modern styles influenced by the Victorian era.

Steampunk inspired outfits tend to include either: time pieces, aircraft goggles, and ray guns but also occasionally modern items are used, after been modified to look like there from the victorian era, Steam punk fashion has become more mainstream and is seen responsible for the ‘Romantic goth Subculture’ . I enjoy the combination of both machinery and fashion. Thomas Willeford; Designer, Artist, Writer and maker of steampunk, is very well known for the ‘Arm’ he created out of machinery Image

Steam punk was also heavily fueled by Military style garments, tailored suits, coats, vests and of course top hats.