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My partner is currently finishing his second year at Nottingham Trent University studying Photography, Where He spent the majority of this year working closely with the fashion design students and photographing there final Degree collections for lookbooks/editorials ect, I was lucky enough to be able to go and view the degree show and exhibitions and was stunned by the catwalk show and the whole setup of the displays, Also very proud of Ryans photography that was Showcased on almost every Display in the building.

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Seeing All this work showcased completely inspired me to step it up a notch with my own end of year display, i very much wanted it to be of this standard.

The more time i spent at The manchester college’s – Ford Car garage the more i imagined my final outcome, a street wear approach with a industrialised, workwear feel. I wanted to change the way overalls were viewed and try and reduce the masculinity and stereotypical ‘geezer’ attitude worn by mechanics. i wanted to learn where this stereotype had come from,  i also wanted to explore the transition from ‘boy’ to ‘man’.

After purchasing the specific colours and suits sizes i wanted, I began reviewing my drawings and tried to decide which designs i would like to go with. I dont consider myself a designer, but during my time at college I’ve learnt the basic skills to pattern cutting and garment construction, and due to this project been my Final Major College Project, i wanted to use the wide range of skills ive learnt during my time there. i didn’t want to complete a full design cycle and have my main outcome as a collection, but i wanted to customise my garments and take full control over photography/styling/design/garments. i had quite a few ideas regarding re-dyeing, embellishment, cropped sleeves/no sleeves, and treating the fabric ie bleaching.

Below are a few photos of the suits before i ‘re styled’ them



On one suit i added zips onto pockets, and removed the collar also decided to crop the sleeves. above i styled it with a plain orange beanie.


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 Derek Fortas – Coal Story

‘photography exhibition’


I wasn’t lucky enough to see this photo series be exhibited, but i definitely would of .I was hugely inspired by the darkness in these photos. The unfortunate, depressive states the coal miners face are recognizable and hugely obvious throughout. It was his personal response to the history of solidarity movement in Poland.


Seo Young Deok – Korean Artist


When you learn that Seo Young has spent the last year molding a load of bike chains worth an estimated £25,000 into the shape of a human head.  You’d think he was committed to his work. But also i think he just has a very clear vision of  industrialization and the current human condition. His work material mostly consists of chains,  hes known for creating abstract sculptures of the human body

Anouk Wipprecht – Dutch, Fashion Designer

Electric couture is her niche and ‘fashionable technology’ is her main aim

Her creations are a very fine line between fashion and fine art, her use of materials creates a ‘sci fi’/ ‘robotic’ effect but also keeps it very subtle,  and feminine,  using pale colour stories,

leadImage 1342493906_foto8vlc

Sam Voulters – My new all time favourite stylist

I love his flamboyancy. hes too much.

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Tim Walker – Mechanical dolls for vogue Italia October 2011

mechanical-dolls-tim-walker-vogue-italia-october2011-4-600x800 mechanical-dolls-tim-walker-vogue-italia-october2011-5-600x800 mechanical-dolls-tim-walker-vogue-italia-october2011-15-600x800




Mark ho 




With the first mention of my end of college FMP (final major project) it was a clever decision that my first initial starting place was London, London was the place to be to refresh my memory, renew my mind and learn new things regarding whats happening with fabrics and what the current/ new trends are on the London streets.

I visited many Gallery’s whilst i was in London but my favorites were The Courtauld Gallery at Somerset House, Where i viewed the ‘Becoming Picasso’ Exhibition and then the ICA where i viewed Juergen Tellers ‘WOO’ Photography exhibition, the wide range of fashion, portraiture and mostly nude pictures were impressive. Also very shocking  when a  print the size of a billboard of Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, completely nude  Dominated a plain white room with nothing more than a women standing in the corner as a sort of security,  i considered his photography to be absolutely beautiful and was stunned by the amount of designers and labels hes photographed for. later browsing the street trends on brick lane and collecting a few fabric samples from SOHO i was feeling excited to review my research and further explore using WGSN to secure a clear theme, also what area i wanted to base the project, with it been design or styling.

Below ive posted a few pictures from my trip!